Hi. We’re Aardvark.

We’re a small yet mighty pack of strategists, writers and designers
who are crazy passionate about ideas that connect people with brands.

About us

Aardvark is a full service advertising and design agency based in Bermuda. We believe in big thinking; thinking differently and beyond client expectations. Always.
It’s not just what we do; it’s what we love, and we’ve been doing it for more than 40 years with many of Bermuda’s best companies along for the ride.


How we work

In short, we don’t. Rule numero uno at Aardvark is that no one comes to work. We come to create, to change, to speak out, to champion the underdog and to build amazing things with the power of big thinking. We all share the idea that if you do what you love, it’s never work.

We’re the perfect blend of big agency genius and small agency ‘get-to-it-ness’ with the ability to punch way above our weight in both advertising cleverness and drinking skills.

But seriously, what keeps us going is collaboration and creativity in equal measure.

Us Varks are a highly social bunch — that’s why the agency is built from the ground up to never be plagued with traditional departmental ‘silos’. Account handlers and designers tackle projects together from the start to make sure projects are on track both operationally and creatively. For our clients, it means more brainpower on the job, greater efficiency and being able to work directly with some of the best idea people around.

We express our ideas through all forms of communication, so when we talk about advertising and design, it doesn’t end on a page or screen, but is part of a wholly integrated strategy for our clients.


Inspired by:  Change. Change = opportunity. Loves: Working smarter, not harder. Hates: Ignorance. Works best with: 98.3 IRIE FM playing on the radio.”

Ben Fairn, Managing Director

Our clients ♥ us

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Where we are

Ground Floor, Milner Place
32 Victoria Street, Hamilton


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